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KARUPPASAMY ASSOCIATES,  is considered to be one of the best architect and structural designer  in Chengalpattu. “CREATIVITY BEYOND IMAGINATION” is our motto. Our main specialization and focus has been High End Residences, Luxury Independent Homes and commercial projects. We strive to produce exemplary designs by working along with the clients needs and inputs. Client satisfaction is the at most aim in our firm, We coordinate closely with the construction teams to bring our creation to reality.

Why Choose Us

Our Experience in High-end, Luxury homes and our design sense are unmatchable in the field, whether among established or among the start-up firms.

Our Design Quality

And our designs are not ‘run of the mill’. Each and every house or interior is custom designed to need the requirement of the people who will use it. We put in so much thought process, hours of brain storming sessions, deep research work in terms of selection of finishes in to each and everyone of them. This kind of result takes everyday involvement during the entire period of construction.

Quality Checks

Our engineers will periodically check the quality of construction as per the strict norms we have. If you prefer we arrange for the site visits by out team more frequently so that the construction is as per the quality expected.

Always with you

We just don’t provide the drawings and wash our hands out. We will be with you safeguarding your interest until the complete hand over of the project, coordinating each and every stage of the construction. Because of this aspect, you might find our fee to be little more than our competitors. But the enormous value addition you get compensates much more than the little extra that you pay to us.

1. Er. MATHIVANAN K , M.E (Struct), AMIE

Registered structural engineer

Registered engineer , (CMDA, DTCP)

2. Ar. HEMAVATHY T , B Arch, M Arch ( Interior Architect)


3. Er. Mohammed Hanifa M, M.E (Struct)

Structural engineer

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