Karuppasamy Associates


Civil          Structural           Architect

Client Study + Site Study

We understand our client requirements, Ideas wishes and goals. A detailed study of the site location, orientation, context climatic conditions, wind direction to do climate responsive contextual Architecture.

Concept + Scheme Design​

We come up with a unique design concept that can fit the client ideas and needs. Preparing schematic sketches 3d drawings and models to understand the built and unbuilt spaces. Preparation of corporation drawings.

Space Planning

We listen to clients feedback and interact with the client to fine-tune the Floor plans and spaces. Preparation of furniture drawings to understand the circulation spaces and landscape spaces etc.

Exterior Design

Understanding the exterior facade and play with windows, ventilator, balcony positions to get a unique Elevation Design. Preparing three dimentionsal (3D) Photo realistic views of the buildings and spaces with actual colors and material finishes.

Finishes and Detailing

Listening to clients feedback and fine tune the elevation. Finalizing the colour combinations and material finishes of the building.

Construction Drawings

Preparation of Working Drawings, Structural Drawings, Electrical and Plumbing drawings.

Cost Control

Preparation of Bill of Quantities (BOQ). Forecast of the total Project Budget. Identifying the material suppliers. Selection of vendors and brands to fit the materials for construction in the stipulated Budget.

Team Organising

Identifying the Qualified and experienced Contractors, site supervisors, painters, carpenters, electricians, fabricators etc

Quality Control

Periodic Site visits with site photographs showing the Construction progress. Checking the drawings and site conditions. Checking the contractor’s material quality. Photographs of the site progress.

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